The digitization of chemistry is critical to increase access to chemical space reliably at scale. Chemify has developed an approach to the digitization of chemistry, using a chemical programming language. The language leverages cutting edge developments in computer science, chemical engineering, and cheminformatics, vastly increasing our ability to reproducibly make hard-to-access molecules at scale.

The Chemify chemical development environment allows us to convert meta-representations of molecules to pure chemical products by turning chemical code into real molecules in our robotic synthesis cluster facility, on demand at scale. Our facility is highly automated using our proprietary scalable universal chemical robotic architectures - designed and implemented by Chemify.

Digitization of Chemistry
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At Chemify we are pioneering the automation of lab to pilot plant scale chemical synthesis to enable the seamless execution of our digital workflow. This technology development will drive the laboratory environment, largely unchanged for the last 100 years, into a highly engineered and optimised paradigm suitable for the digital future of chemistry.

From high throughput discovery, parallel optimisation, execution of the optimised reaction and finally to purification of the final product, our hardware platforms maximise access to sophisticated molecules with unprecedented ease. Through the harmonisation of our hardware and software platforms we aim to unlock the next generation of chemical discovery.


The Chemify Platform enables the rapid discovery of new chemical space.

Using our programmable chemistry approach and artificial chemical intelligence driven design, Chemify can create, triage, and synthesise bespoke libraries for the discovery of novel molecules. We use property prediction models to design and make novel molecules with desired properties much faster, and to screen large libraries to select promising candidates over cycles of design, make, test, discover.

The Chemify Platform automatically translates target molecules into chemical code that can be directly executed on Chemify's robotic synthesis platform to obtain the target molecule. Using this closed loop approach, Chemify enables fully automated Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycles by removing the synthesis bottleneck, supercharging the discovery of novel molecules.

Functional Discovery